What to eat?

Food has gotten a lot more complicated over the last several decades. For those of us who purchase the majority of our food at a grocery store, we can easily become overwhelmed by the number of options presented to us. Take oatmeal, for example:

What kind is the best? Most nutritious? Should I get old fashioned? Quick oats? Steel cut? Instant? Should it be organic? Do I buy in bulk or get pre packaged? Is flavored oatmeal really that bad for you? What about sugar free? Are these gluten free? What the heck is gluten, anyway?

Even those of us confident in our nutrition knowledge still find ourselves comparing labels and  reading ingredients. These are a few guidelines I use to simplify my selection process: 

  • Eat foods in their whole, natural form as much as possible (Ex. whole-grain vs. white bread, brown vs. white rice, etc.). In other words, minimize the amount of processed foods consumed.
  • When possible, select organic, local and environmentally-sustainable options.
  • Eat a variety of foods from each of the food groups daily, with the majority derived from plants.


This page will feature posts covering a wide range of topics within the subject of nutrition. If you have any particular questions or specific issues you would like to see featured, please let me know!