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My life may not be perfect, but all-in-all, I’ve got it pretty good right now. Family life is great–we’re hoping to close on a house this month after a very lengthy and patience-testing buying process. I can’t even express how incredibly ready I am to move in! When I’m not busy planning house renovation projects or chasing around my three-year-old son, I am happy to report I’ve been running again. For anyone who knows me very well at all, they know running is my sanity. It keeps my life in balance and my mind from . . . well . . . losing it! 

Big (Running) Dreams 10/11/18Ever since I had a hip/glute/upper hamstring injury in 2011, I’ve been in a state of desperation, trying to get back to running. It has been a torturous cycle of restarting and re-injuring for SIX. YEARS. Remember how I just said running is my sanity and all that? Yeah. Six years. Throw in having my first child in the middle of all that, and I’ve been a mixed mess of emotions for quite a while now! 

Finally, last year (fall 2017), I was able to safely, steadily and successfully start rebuilding my running mileage–WITHOUT pain! My not-so-secret secret? Strength work. I began making strength exercises a requirement in my training. No running unless I integrated three days of strength work (in about 30-minute sessions) into my weekly routine. 

Now, just over one year later, I have a full year’s worth of consistant running under my belt. I have never been more grateful. Not only do I feel better physically, but also mentally and emotionally. I am someone who has struggled with depression and anxiety for the greater part of my life, and there is no other relief in the world I have tried, thus far, that can keep those symptoms at bay like running does. I know there are many others out there like me who know what I’m talking about. Those feel-good endorphins are my drug of choice!

So, now that I have a solid base built up, this next year I have big dreams. Sub three-hour marathon dreams. Dreams I’ve had for about a decade now that nearly expired due to the way my body couldn’t cooperate for so long. Well, consider those dreams relit.

I know my dreams are big, and I certainly have plenty of odds against me, but hey . . . isn’t that the point of having dreams in the first place? To challenge ourselves and get excited about the possibility of accomplishing something so Dreams Quote
amazing that your heart races when you think about how it will feel to actually achieve it? I am ready for that challenge. Forget that I have a kid. Forget that I’m 36 years old. Forget that I’m trying to build a successful blog. Forget that I need to upkeep our home and make nutritious meals and keep general, everyday life running smoothly . . . I can do this. There is time. I’m not saying these things aren’t important–some of them are more important. I’m just saying that LIFE will always be there, whether we choose to chase after our dreams or not. We just have to restructure our life in such a way that we can accommodate our dreams into them as well. Dream big or be left to always wonder . . . what if???


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  1. Jeannette says:

    Gina I am so happy for you. You really seem to have your life together.

    1. Thank you!! Ha, not too sure about the “life” part, but I do my best 😛

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